Accredited certifications are so high in value that some businesses will falsify certification to gain consumer trust without undertaking the official certification processes.

EAASS has developed an EAACR Mark that links to the EAACR database. Organizations who have an active

accredited certification in the EAACR database will have the ability to include an EAACR Mark on their website.

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It is a digital mark, with embedded code, that enables a user to click on the Mark directing them to the EAACR database where they can validate the active certification(s) held by the organization. The EAACR Mark will only appear on the website if the organization has an active certification. If the status of the certification changes and is not active then the mark will be removed from the organization's website in real time.

Valid Accredited Certification Bodies and Accreditation Bodies who appear in EAACR can also include an EAACR Mark on their website demonstrating their accreditation and EAASS membership status. The EAACR Mark will link to their profile on EAACR database.

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